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Engaging NLP for Teens

Engaging NLP for Teens

  • Engaging NLP for Teens
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Practical and easy to implement NLP tips for Teens.
   Between 13 and 19 we become adults and pass from the relatively protected home and family base to the street with our friends. Along the way we take exams, make hugely important decisions about school, work and relationships and we make mistakes. These mistakes can help us develop as mature adults or they can set us back and leave us lacking in confidence and unable to achieve our potential. This book gives you some helpful tips and information about how to harness what you are good at so you can manage what you are not good at and make it better.

Content includes;
Confidence how to get it and keep it;

Non verbal communication eg appearance;

Verbal communication and getting what you want;

Managing exam stress;

Getting a job;

Relationships and sex.

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