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Featured NLP Books by Dr David J Lincoln


Engaging NLP for helping you re-enter the work market

Practical and easy to implement NLP book to help mums return to work.

$9.80 USD $5.00 USD

Recover Your Energy

Recover your energy and end fatigue by using energy enhanced NLP and the power of your mind. Whether you are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, Glandular Fever or are just exhausted, learn how to have all the energy you want.

$14.06 USD $7.08 USD

Engaging NLP for Parents

Practical and easy to implement NLP book for parents.

$9.80 USD $5.00 USD

No More Bingo Dresses - Using NLP to cope with breast cancer

Inspiring and uplifting book on using NLP to cope with breast cancer.

$14.08 USD $7.08 USD

Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days - NLP and Hypnotherapy Book For Parents

A simple step-by-step guide to help children conquer bedwetting problems in just a few days.

$9.80 USD $5.00 USD

Seeing Spells Achieving

Andrew Bendefy and Olive Hickmott

Now the UK's No.1 selling NLP Book for those with Literacy and Numeracy challenges including those with Dyslexia and learning difficulties.

$14.06 USD $7.08 USD

Engaging NLP for Children

Practical and easy to implement NLP book for Children.

$9.80 USD $3.95 USD

Bangers and Mash - How to take on throat cancer and win with NLP

With the help of an NLP coach, Keith challenges the cancer head-on and emerges triumphant into a new, more colourful world.
"I admire Keith Hern’s spirit and his honesty" - Nigella Lawson

$14.06 USD $7.08 USD

Make New Year Resolutions - AND KEEP THEM USING NLP!

The perfect guide to making new year resolutions and keeping them - drawing on NLP techniques.

$9.80 USD $5.00 USD

Entrancing Tales for Change with NLP and Hypnosis

A self-help book like no other.

$9.80 USD $5.00 USD

Engaging NLP for Teens

Practical and easy to implement NLP tips for Teens.

$9.80 USD $5.00 USD

Performance Strategies for Musicians - NLP Book For Stage Fright

One of the top psychologists in the performing arts, David Buswell, who has been working with leading musicians one-to-one for many years to help them perform at their best, has written a book.

$9.80 USD $5.00 USD

Play Magic Golf - Self-hypnosis, meditation, Zen, NLP.

Use the proven 3QL system and discover how to use self-hypnosis to be a better golfer and find the Zone. Enjoy a lot more confidence off the course too.

$14.06 USD $7.08 USD

NLP for Young Drivers

NLP skills useful in driving for both young drivers and those with some experience.

$9.80 USD $5.00 USD

NLP and Online Therapy

The book explores a variety of linguistic skills and how to apply them in online therapy.

$20.31 USD $10.20 USD

Psychobabble -A straight forward, plain English guide to NLP

Psychobabble is a practical text book, written in plain English and broken down into bite size chunks so that all readers can follow and utilize the techniques of Neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

$20.31 USD $10.20 USD

NLP for the Curious

This new book written by Dr David is designed to give the serious student of NLP more details and to bridge the gap from Practitioner to Master Practitioner.

$20.81 USD $10.41 USD

Ericksonian Language Patterns

This new book written by Dr David is designed to give the serious student of NLP more details into the wonderful world of what is now called Ericksonian Hypnosis.

$20.31 USD $10.41 USD

Countermove - A Guide to the Art of Negotiation

This book is a guide to the Art and Science of Negotiation with an Ethical outcome in Mind.

$20.21 USD $11.45 USD

Put your Passion into Action

Be the Pilot in Your Life

Find your passion Use the steps in this book to get the life you want and deserve.

$20.81 USD $9.30 USD

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$134.00 USD

Going Mental - Full Contact NLP Coaching

Full contact NLP business and sports coaching from a world class cage fighter.

$14.00 USD $7.00 USD

Engaging NLP for New Mums

Practical and easy to implement NLP book for New Mums.

$4.50 USD
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